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Thrishold Electronics PVt. Ltd.(TE-PL)

A Reputable LED Supplier in India

Thrishold Electronics Pvt. Ltd(TE-PL) is one of the most prominent LED light suppliers in India. We provide our clients with modern, technologically advanced lighting products.

Our LED lights in India can be used indoors and doors, in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Product Gallery


Fixed LED Patta

Rs. 1050/- INR

50 Bulb LED Toran

Rs. 175/- INR

OMM LED Board Light

Rs. 1400/- INR

LED Sign Board

As per order

2*2 Medical LED Board (Waterproof)

Rs. 3500/- INR

DC Bulb 12V

Rs. 45/- INR

Street Light

Rs. 800/- INR (36W)

Rs. 955/- INR (48W)

Flood Light

Rs. 750/- INR (36W)

Rs. 950/- INR (48W)